Kyudokan - Kobayashi Shorin-ryu Karate


We practice Karate with dynamic technical range. We hold Practical Dynamic approach and effective self-defence. We have groups of children, youth and adults. We have unique Okinawan atmosphere in the Dojo and we keep close contact with our teachers in Okinawa.


Ryukyu Kobudo

Ancient Okinawan Weaponry - Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan


Shimbukan Organization is a direct successor of the dynasty founders of ancient Okinawan weapons and maintains authentic knowledge of the Okinawan Kobudo heritage.


Self-Defence & Close-Combat

Bare Hands Practical Close-Combat.

Fast response and effective results in real conditions.
Strengthening assertiveness and provides confidence.
Personal training and group.
Courses for companies and organizations.
Suitable for men, women and youth.

Kyoshi Itzik Cohen

Itzik Cohen


Karate Kyudukan.
Ryukyu-Kobudo Shimbukan.
Okinawan Martial Arts researcher.
Kyoshi, 7th Dan Karate.
Shihan 6th Dan Kobudo.
5th Dan Military Empty Hand Close-Combat.
Okinawan Martial Arts Researcher.


Our activity characteristics

  • Authentic knowledge and training methods as taught in Okinawa
  • Depth study of martial arts - technically and mentally
  • A practice that combines classical knowledge and modern science for optimum result
  • Strengthening the body and fitness
  • Versatile line with the emphasis on effective martial art