Karate Uchina-Di 沖縄手

Okinawan Karate: An Exploration of its Origins and Evolution

History, Methodology, Culture, Philosophy, Ethics, Legacy
Official Combat Force and Civilian Discipline
Continuity and Change in Practice
Itzik Cohen

Thorough Research and Analysis of Okinawan Karate
Itzik Cohen

About the Author
Itzik Cohen was born in 1963, and has taught Karate for many years, having first engaged with Karate in the mid-1970s.
During his military service he was active in a combined Special Forces operation of infantry and intelligence at the forefront of the battlefield. Later he served in the Directorate of Military Intelligence/Research Department (Aman)/Terrorism arena.
Itzik graduated in Software Engineering and worked in the field of high-tech. He joined a Startup Company as a software designer and engineer, and later worked in an IT Company as a project manager.
Itzik specializes in Okinawan Karate and Kobudo, as well as in Military Close-Combat and Self-Defence.
Today Itzik is head of the Teishinkan-Dojo: Okinawan Martial Arts.
Ten years ago he began his thorough research into Okinawan Martial Arts.
He continues to visit his teachers, Akamine Sensei and Higa Sensei, in Okinawa each year. Itzik dedicates his life to Okinawan Martial Arts.