Karate Uchina-Di 沖縄手

Okinawan Karate: An Exploration of its Origins and Evolution

History, Methodology, Culture, Philosophy, Ethics, Legacy
Official Combat Force and Civilian Discipline
Continuity and Change in Practice
Itzik Cohen

Much has been written about Karate at the last hundred years, but very little is known about its roots and its gradual evolution prior to this era. This book reviews cross currents, reveals key points, discusses and analyzes the changes of Karate before the 20th century. It presents the deep roots and evolutionary sources of Ancient Ryukyuan Bare-Hand that reaches back hundreds of years.

Reasons to read this book:
  • This essential book brings you to the reality of Okinawan Karate as it was in its ancient stage, to the historic environment in which Okinawan Karate was developed throughout history.
  • The book provides a deep insight into Okinawan Karate and imparts comprehensive view to Okinawan Karate of nowadays.
  • Find who the people that were active in ancient Ryukyuan Bare-Hand Combat that was later known as Okinawan-te and then had become to Karate.
    Where did they operate and in which context? What were the characteristics of that activity?
    Okinawan Karate is derived from these parameters and the book thoroughly discusses and analyses these subjects.
  • Shaolin monastery Fighting: Facts or fiction. Reality, legends and the relation to Bare-Hand Combat.
  • The nature of transferring knowledge throughout history.
  • The components of Kihon and Kata, its role and its fundamental practical importance.
  • What did Ryukyuan-te look like?
  • Find the thorough answers to many ambiguous issues and topics.
  • Learn the little-known about the Origin of Authentic Karate.
  • Understand Key Points in Karate evolution.